OMR Scanner


OMR Scanner

OMR (optical mark reader) scanner is the scanner that is used for scanning OMR sheets/forms and save scanned images on a computer which are then processed by OMR software.

The history of OMR scanners dates back to the 1970s when a heavy OMR scanner machine was invented to correct school grading forms which were in the form of OMR bubbles. OMR scanner machines used since then worldwide were heavy and used to cost approx. between Rupees 3-4 lakh. Although the invention of OMR technology had made exam grading easier compared to the manual way of grading; still OMR technology was not affordable for the masses and was bulky to handle due to its machinery architecture.

Florigo OMR Software removed dependency on these heavy OMR scanner machines by introducing artificial intelligence-based OMR bubbles reading algorithm. This OMR software detects OMR bubbles on OMR sheet/form. Any normal document scanner available in the market can be used to scan OMR sheets.

There are two types of Document scanners available in market

1. Flatbed Scanners

These scanners have a flat reading surface on which a single OMR sheet can be placed at-a-time for scanning. In any scenario, we need to scan multiple OMR sheets. Scanning OMR sheets one-by-one; takes much time to complete the entire OMR scanning process. Also, there is scope for errors in scanning as a user gets no idea whether the OMR sheet is perfectly placed on OMR scanner header.

2. ADF (automatic document feeder) Scanners

ADF scanners have OMR sheets holding a tray in which we can place multiple OMR sheets at a time for scanning. ADF OMR scanner takes OMR sheet from tray automatically and sends for scanning. Normal ADF scanners can read a minimum of 10 OMR sheets per minute. High-speed ADF scanners are also available in the market depending on the number of OMR sheets the user wants to scan at a single time.

Scanning through ADF OMR scanners is error-free as there is no manual handling of OMR sheets. ADF scanners from the below companies are available -

HP OMR Scanners, Kodak OMR Scanners, Fujitsu OMR Scanners, Canon OMR Scanners

Epson OMR Scanners