Conference Room Webcam

Florigo hands-free video experience that recreates the one-to-one videoconference experience perfect for hybrid working environments. The unique custom settings included with the camera make it ideal for enterprises that want professional-quality video for various meeting room environments.

Perfect for Small Spaces

The ConferenceSHOT ePTZ USB camera has a wide 129° field of view, making it perfect for small collaboration rooms, huddle spaces and areas where employees are socially distant, and you want to ensure everyone is in view. The camera has a USB 3.0 Type C port, HDMI and audio I/O for easy integration with existing room audio systems. The built-in microphone is a convenient feature when mounting the ConferenceSHOT ePTZ on mobile display carts or in huddle rooms. The camera comes with a wall mount that allows the camera to tilt up and down to ensure proper framing of the conference table.

Settings for your Space

When setting up the camera, select one of three primary settings for how sensitive you want the camera auto-framing to be.

  • Conservative Conference is designed for low-motion environments, where little tracking
     action is needed. This mode is perfect for locations with glass walls or near busy walkways
     with visual background noise.
  • Responsive Conference is the perfect option when you have teams that utilize the whole
     room – like collaborating on whiteboards or brainstorming at flipcharts and want their
     remote colleagues to stay right with the action. This mode quickly adjusts the image to
     include people entering and exiting the meeting space.
  • Default Conference is the sweet spot where most teams are happy with the system