Digital Podium


Digital Podium

Florigo Digital podium also known as multimedia podium or e lectern is the integration of various Audio-Visual equipment, which helps to deliver smart lecture and presentation. ... Digital podium is the indispensable part of any smart classroom and conference room to deliver interactive lecture/presentation.

Multimedia lectern provides a working platform for computer-aided lectures/ presentations. It has space to store CPU, laptop, visualizer, UPS, microphone system etc. With lockable doors and top slider for security. This smart, digital podium is an ideal solution for anyone who needs audio visual equipments in their lectures, presentations, speeches regularly.

How our Digital Podium is different and best in quality?

Product Overview

  • Available in durable, high quality MS surface
  • Integrated interactive whiteboard software
  • Ability to record audio & written content in real-time
  • In-built audio system with digital surround best quality speakers and amplifier
  • Lockable doors and shelf for keyboard, mouse, laptop, CPU, documents, visualizer
  • High-quality castor wheels for smooth mobility
  • Audio in-out to facilitate any external audio source. Audio control switch to control volume
  • Video input to facilitate any external video source for presentation
  • Built-in power sockets for seamless power distribution
  • Optional multimedia controllerProvision for exhaust fan
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