Smart Interactive Whiteboard Kabirnagar


Smart Interactive Whiteboard

Florigo's Digital Interactive Whiteboard is a very user-friendly tool for teachers and trainers to deliver dynamic and interactive lessons in classrooms.

Florigo's smart interactive whiteboard is loaded with exclusive smart features which assist in delivering the lessons and learning content to the prospective audience in the most truly effective and manner that is interactive.

Why our Smart Boards are very different?

Product Overview

  • Made-in Indi Kabirnagar, smart whiteboards.
  • Finger-touch sensors with a lot less than 0.8 milliseconds touch response time
  • High luminance nanotechnology with 0.1mm touch accuracy on smart board surface
  • Chalk-free and environment-friendly interactive classrooms at affordable price
  • Made of coated metallic frame with ceramic/ non-ceramic interactive writing surface
  • Record the content written on board and create revision lessons for students
  • Smart in-built features such as smart shapes, smart drawin, smart handwriting recognition
  • Professional drawing features such as maps, geometry diagrams
  • In-built e-learning content library of more than images, mapped to different subjects

Available Boards & Classroom Size

  • 82" diagonal- useful for 50 students classroom
  • 92" diagonal - useful for 85 students classroom
  • 102" diagonal - useful for 100 students classroom
  • Bigger sizes are also available as per customer requirements

Finger-Touch Sensor Options

  • Infra-red touch sensor
  • DVT Optical touch sensor