Interactive Teaching Pad

Interactive teaching pad is like a transportable whiteboard this is certainly interactive provides teacher an convenience of delivering lessons while sitting at one destination or moving around the class.

Additionally, it is well known as training record; which includes become definitely equipment that is preferred teacher community for the use in digital classrooms, virtual classrooms, YouTube tutors.

Interactive teaching pad normally well regarded as wireless teaching slate or touch that is pen; which has become definitely preferred equipment in teacher neighborhood because of its much useful usage in digital classrooms, distance education sessions, e-learning lectures.

This slate this is certainly digital be integrated with laptop or computer. With the aid of this training that is interactive; an instructor can write remotely on interactive whiteboards, LED displays, projector screens etc.

Usually, an instructor can write an issue down applying this slate and simply pass it on to pupil to resolve the difficulty without having pupil to face up at the class.

Interactive teaching pad starts brand-new likelihood of interaction inside classrooms also increases student participation to better extent.

Interactive teaching pad opens up name brand possibility this is certainly brand-new of inside classrooms also increases student involvement to raised level.

  • Models – Wired, Wireless
  • Size – 10”, 15”, 22” diagonal
  • Online teaching using your own handwriting
  • Write using our interactive software, in MS Word & MS PowerPoint with your own handwriting
  • Integrate with any online teaching and video conferencing platform like Zoom, Gotomeeting   etc.